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Default Vote in the BBQ Brethren 2013 Throwdown Master Series!!!

Just when you thought the TD forum couldn’t possibly get any more fun, we’ve cooked up a new contest to keep you on your toes!

"So, what is this Throwdown Master Series you speak of?"

A mighty poll will be erected that will feature all of the TD winners for each quarter of 2013.

The winner of each of the quarterly polls will then face off in the ultimate TD challenge for the title of 2013 Throwdown Master, which will take place in January!

Will there be prizes? Of course!

Each finalist will receive a special certificate, and the TD Master will receive a certificate AND a bountiful basket of BBQ goodies, courtesy of Spicewine, Simply Marvelous, and Oakridge BBQ.

The poll for the first quarter of 2013 is open for voting now!
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