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Originally Posted by Humble Soul View Post
I'll once again be in charge of the bird this year. The last couple of thanksgivings I did a savory brine which turned out well, but always cooked in the oven. This year I was thinking of trying it on the grill, but didn't know if it was possible as I've never done it before. All I have is an 18.5" weber kettle. Doable??
I think so.

I've done turkeys on the kettle before and the challenge always seems to be to prevent the sides (legs and thighs) from getting scorched due to the more direct heat from the coals on the sides.

Obviously, it depends on the size of your turkey and how you set up the kettle with charcoal. Perhaps a nice diffuser with coals UNDERNEATH is a good plan of action? You'd have to either lift your diffuser up or hang it from the cooking grate to prevent the direct heat, but I think it may be worth the effort.

ANYTHING is possible. Just depends on the prep and amount of effort you're willing to put into it.
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