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Originally Posted by Doublebeetx View Post
I am new to the site. Built a UDS a month or so ago. I have smoked some fatties, ribs and a pork butt so far. Still experimenting, but have really enjoyed the experience. My next project is to smoke a turkey for the holidays. I'm learning to debone a turkey this year also. I have picked up some great information reading through this thread. My question is deb owning it going to cause it to cook any differently ? Also, besides citrus and herbs in the cavity, has anyone ever put bacon in there to promote juiciness from the inside out, or is it necessary ? Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.
I've never deboned a gobbler. Not sure how it would affect the cook really.
I've seen where people have deboned and then trussed up a turkey or chicken into a nice tight "roll" so it would cook evenly throughout. While that makes a lot of sense, I'm not sure how it would affect overall cook length.

The one cool thing about NOT deboning and just leaving it "au natural" is that you get more surface area that way which means more smoked skin!

I've also never tried bacon at all on a turkey. Personally, I think if you brine a bird, you'll not have the "juiciness issue" that's usually a challenge for a lot of roasted or smoked turkeys. I'm a BIG proponent for brining in general, but especially for turkeys.
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