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Default Beef Back ribs! (with pr0n)

Another beef back ribs thread

Got these at the local grocery store when I was instructed to only buy milk Seem to always end up in the meat dept.

Anyways, Saw some beef back ribs marked down, but I usually skip em since they have consisted of just shiners in the past. Actually, shiners would be a compliment. They are mostly bone with some meat attached. Skeleton beef ribs would be more precise! However, this time, someone was either really generous or just being lazy, because they had some nice meat on them!

I've found in the past I used way too much rub (i.e too salty), so this batch just got a nice dust of salt, pepper, and garlic salt. Little seems to go a long way with these beef ribs

A frosty -3 C morning. But no frost aint' gonna stop me from firing up the weber! Simple snake setup with water pan underneath ribs.

Temps were between 275-300 for 4 hours. Never even opened her up until I applied the glaze in the last 20 min. Glaze was a thick sweet mix of honey, brown sugar, sweet baby ray's original and a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Was originally going to only glaze half of them, but I'm a sucker for glaze so I ended up doing them all For those that like heat, some cayenne and chili flakes would work well too, but just not for me.

Meat pulled back nicely. Ended up only using half the coals. This thing is as solid and air tight as my UDS! Best 65 bucks I've spent!

Probed like butter. The Bark was crispy and gooey at the same time, and the meat melt in yo mouth! No spritzing, foiling, or mucking about. I'm calling them Dino Candy meatsicles!

Lots of meat on them bones.

Thanks for looking!
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