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Default Pulled Picnic

Picked up a 7 pound half picnic the other day.

Trimmed the skin off, rubbed with Meatheads Memphis rub, and placed on the Reverse Flow Charbroil, loaded with charcoal and some apple wood chunks (sorry - forgot the before shot)

Temp was stable at 255 when I left for church. Three hours later pit temp had dropped to 201, the pork was at 160 and looked like this:

Loaded more charcoal to get the temp back up, and let it run about three hours more. IT had reached 182, probed the meat, and the probe went in so smooth - I think I finally understand the 'probe like butter' idea. Took it off the heat - wrapped it in foil, and let it rest about an hour.

Out of the foil and ready to pull:

And the end result:

Best pulled pork I've done, as far as texture and moisture are concerned. The downside is this was an 'enhanced' piece of pork, and even though I left the salt out of the rub, it was a little too salty, and it had a bit of 'hammy' taste. Still going to make some good lunches.

This was a trial run, as I'm still learning the smoker. I've got 15 pounds of non-enhanced pork butts in the freezer for the next time.
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