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Default simple question about wood chips?

as I have aged I have become aware that the obvious answers aren't always correct to people who are very experienced in any field. now don't shoot me but im a gasser , I use a propane smoker and use chunked up wood from an apple orchard close by . the apple being a smother smoke allows me to apply smoke for a longer period to get deeper penetration without become acrid . I purchased a new smoker an extra wide version and it has a huge smoke tray, I mean this suckers the size of a 9inch cake pan. with my old smoker I cut the door in half to not open the top and loose the heat as the smoker box was small. I would like the smoke to last for as long as possible between replenishing. so do I use larger chunks soaked in water and with foil on top to reduce surface or do I use very small chips also soaked and fill as much as possible also foil to reduce air. Or ( insert your opinion here).
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