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Last week I completed drum however did not have everything to complete the charcoal basket. I wasn't about to let that stop me so I emprovised and used my turkey fry basket to do my first smoke. I used Kingsford blue briquets with three large Pecan chunks and a small handful of hickory chips tossed in for good measure. After allowing the fuel to steady, the temp to come up, and the smoke to thin for about an hour, I added 4 racks of St. Louis ribs my kids and I prep's the night earlier. To experiment, I mixed up 2 batches of rub I had found on the web and paired them with like sauces I also made from recipes found. I did 2 racks in a St. Louis rub, and the other two in a memphis style. After reading about perfered cooking methods, I thought to play it safe and start by using the 3-2-1 method and had good results. The ribs had a bit more fat left on them than I would have liked but did not trim them at all which I was told later I should have done a little bit of. Also, I did not trim the strip of meat on the inside of the racks which I was also told I should have done. All in all, for my first smoke, I thought it was a success and I learned alot from it as well. Here are a few pron shots I took of the experience to share and document my results...


Thank you to all who have contributed to making this the best resouce for BBQ and UDS builds on the net!
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