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- Cook to final temp, then vac?
Yes (after a 2 hr rest to allow juices to re-enter the meat)

- Vac whole butts or pulled?
We pull and then bag.

- Add apple juice before vac or to the reheat?
We add cook juices back into the pork, after pulling, and have never had to add other liquids.

- Best size of package to freeze to make reheat time acceptable?
We have found that 1/2 gal packages work best for us. Big enough to hold a good portion but small enough to allow for graduated quantities near the end of a vend to avoid too much waste. YMMV.

- Best reheating process?
We use a gas grill with restaurant pans (or an oven if available onsite)

- Vac/Seal equipment suggestion & source?
Can't help you much on this one. We use Ziploc bags. We have found them to be cheaper and just a good for packaging for "short term" (up to 2-3 months) storage. There are many threads on this site with Vac Pack machine info. You could run a search to find them.

Hope that helps.
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