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Default Combining 2 rubs together help pls???

Let me first start by saying that I make all my rubs from scratch in small batches for each one of my KCBS categories. For the last year I have taken two different rubs for my pork(one that is my basic rub that I like and have added another that is heavier on the heat but with lots of flavor). I have a ratio of 2-1 which seems to give a flavor profile that works good for us but I want to try and trim down the steps in the process. This is how I do it.

1- Mix rub A in a jar (batch make 3 cups)
2- Mix rub B in a jar (batcth makes 1 1/4 cups)
3- take 2 part A and mix in 1 part B

There you go seems simple, it is but I was wondering is there a way of combining the ingredients of both recipes into 1 simplier rub to come out with the same flavor. In my mind if I just add all ingredients together of both rubs it will be wrong. Has anyone ever taken 2 or more rubs and done this. Both recipies use most of the same spices(salt,pepper,chili powder, onion,garlic,cumin, oregano,and sugar but in different amounts)
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