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I have to say Ina Paarman does make excellent spices, stocks etc and all their spices are MSG-free and tastes very good.
I didn't know about no MSG - makes me like them even more

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If you live in Africa you have to be a kind of jack of all traits I think that is why you experiance your collegues the way you do. In my sector (engineering) South-African engineeris are known by the following sentance -work hard, party hard- hehehe. Strange for engineers...
Yes, that's certainly the case. I'm in that field, and 3 of my SA colleagues used to work for Toyota doing the automation.
Mind you, one built a gas-starter assisted charcoal spit. He also added a leaf blower to really help get the charcoal going. It was so over-engineered to the point where the first night he tried it, with all of us there to watch - he lit it, and merely a minute later the flames licked the eaves of the house & nearly set fire to the place!
His Braai was an old truck wheel with a grille over the top.

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On the topic of Biltong & Boerewors, have you tried good quality Chilli-Bytes, those are very nice... In fact in the video I used some chilli-byte spice mixed with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and truffle salt to baste the chicken turned out awesome!
No I haven't. I'll have to see if I can get them here in Sydney. Thanks for the info.
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