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Originally Posted by DepChief22 View Post
How much would you charge to cook 200 chicken halves if they supplied them?
We don't cook "supplied meats". We have our own sources. We require this for all events in order to deliver a quality controlled and food safe product. If the meat is "supplied" we have no idea of the quality or how it was handled prior to it being delivered to us. Our insurance policy also specifically states that it is void if we cook "supplied" products so there is the legal issue as well.

If we had a contract for 200 chix halves we would total up the cost of goods (chix halves, rub, etc) and take that times 3. The "times 3" method is meant to "pay you for your time" as well as cover incidentals like depreciation of equipment, etc.

As we have progressed in our business we have come up with calculated amounts of rub, wood, foil, etc that it takes to cook each type of meat we offer. We have found, with our cook methods, that this can be represented by a 12% of COGS. So we take the total cost of the meat ordered and add 12% to arrive at the total cost of product ordered. Take that times 3 and that is what the client sees on the contract.

Delivery charges are extra.
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