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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
Jan82, get an Auspit (google) and you are battery operated. I have adapted to several venues:

Paul B
Paul B, I actually have a similar battery operated rotisserie as well. The steam operated rotisserie was made basically because I can, there really is no other explanation. It is a novelty piece and a conversation starter, and the sound of the steam engine just adds to the atmosphere...

Originally Posted by Mixin View Post
I work with numerous South Africans who have migrated to Oz and brought the braai culture here with them.

They are all reknown for their big personality, big ideas, and not doing things by halves.

That steam rotisserie is awesome, and exactly what I'd expect one of my colleagues to do!

They also introduced me to the Ina Paarman range. Very nice seasonings - and badly needed down here to educate all the people who are so used to bland food.

I also buy biltong & boewors. Good eats.

This is the best we have here:
I have to say Ina Paarman does make excellent spices, stocks etc and all their spices are MSG-free and tastes very good.
If you live in Africa you have to be a kind of jack of all traits I think that is why you experiance your collegues the way you do. In my sector (engineering) South-African engineeris are known by the following sentance -work hard, party hard- hehehe. Strange for engineers...
On the topic of Biltong & Boerewors, have you tried good quality Chilli-Bytes, those are very nice... In fact in the video I used some chilli-byte spice mixed with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and truffle salt to baste the chicken turned out awesome!
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