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Originally Posted by Oldhoss View Post
Went to a Middle Eastern wedding a couple weeks ago and tried lamb shoulder for the first I am thinking of smoking one and have a couple questions.

Firstly - I have found a Halal meat shop that carries dry aged lamb. The shoulder I was shown had the classic dry aged look to much so that I wonder if smoking it in the 250f range will lead to a dry product....even if I use a water pan. Anyone ever smoke a dry aged lamb shoulder?

Second question is what internal temperature do I pull it at? I have read that anything in the 145f to 155f is about right....will the meat pull at this stage or do I go higher? Pork shoulder and beef brisket go to 190f-210f before they pull with ease....if I do pull the lamb at 150f or so why would it pull at so low a temp?

Third question is what chamber temp should I hold for the cook? I know there can be some flexability in regards to chamber temps for other meats but must I hold to a certain range for lamb?

Thanks for any advice here guys. I have some white oak that is throwing great flavour right now so I was gonna go with that....also have hickory and cherry on hand.
I'd roast a dry aged shoulder...but, if you want to do a crazy experiment I am with you all the way!
Lets look at the obvious.
It is dry aged, and that means work has been done to intensify the flavor.
To use smoke would undo that, so if you use smoke, just use a little.
Any of those three would be delicious.
As titch said the real test will be meat doneness.

We are old school, I don't cook lownslow with thermometers.
So, use your own judgement, wiggle the bone or prod or probe, and of all the meat I've cooked I found lamb/mutton to be the most forgiving, so don't waste enegry worrying.

I've cooked and wrapped and cooked and rested in the cooler, but last time I cooked until done and tented for 40 minutes and it was sensational so I will be testing that out some more!

Garlic lemon thyme OR rosemary are wickedly good as a classic starting point.
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