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For the past several years we have gone into central GA for TD with our niece and her family.
I used to cook the Turkey, but...
Each year it got more and more difficult due to "logistics" and timing of the meal.
It came apart last year when the Nephew In Law bought a 21 # Butterball and I only had the roaster available with no time available in the oven to finish it!
Underdone hunk of crap!
And, to top it off, his family does not even like dark meat... So why in the hell are we cooking a whole bird????

I told Mrs Kapn "NO MORE"!
I told her that NIL could get off his ass, stop watching the games on the big screen, and cook for his family like any self respecting DAD would do.

Fast forward.
I am now smoking 2 Turkey Breasts on the PG a couple of days in advance and transporting them cold to be reheated there!
Gonna due a couple of Drummies, just for me!

Gonna be a hell of a lot better than I could do there from scratch!

Take that.......

/rant off

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