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After baking the turkey for years, SWIMBO said a week before Thanksgiving about 10 years ago, "I want you to fry the turkey", so I did-for about 6 years; and then I smoked one (test project) on a Traeger a few weeks before Thanksgiving in 2008. A turkey has not been fried or baked at our house since. (Turkey fryer for $ale).
Smokin’ 2 for the family this year and who knows how many for others.

Menu (subject to change at SWIMBO's direction)
Smoked turkeys
Corned ham (fresh ham which is salt only cured for 7-11 days) boiling is the preferred cooking method as to save the pot lick'r for cooking a specific green leaf vegatable
Green Bean (no I can't say it, not going to say it, not going to eat it any more, please don't make it, soup & canned GB's with canned fried onions, YUCK)
Sweet potatoes made some way or 2 usually with a topping (crumble)made from brown sugar and pecans
Yukon Gold Potatoes made some way or 2 (mashed, whipped, Bill Graham recipe, garlic'y, etc. cooks choice)
Gravy (no giblets, please)
Collards (cooked in the corned ham water, yum)
Lots of Deviled Eggs
Another vegetable dish (sister's creation)
And yet another vegetable dish (daughter's creation)
Dressing (don't stuff turkeys, so it's not stuffing, pan baked dressing)
More gravy
Yeast rolls, butter and more butter
Cranberry sauce
Southern Table Wine
Pass the gravy please
And desserts...
Pecan pie, pumpk’n pie, a fruit pie (homemade Honey Crisp Apple preferred), and a triple vanilla Dream Factory© cheese cake which was kindly given as a team gift at a BBQ contest. Forget the cheese cake; it may not last until Thanksgiving, though its frozen, you know a little frostbite on the tongue never heat anyone.
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