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Originally Posted by Haastyle View Post
That is crazy talk!! LOL. It is awesome. I had mesquite smoked Prime Rib in a restaurant just outside of Chicago about 9 years ago that I am still shooting to mimic. THEE BEST I have ever eaten of any style, anywhere.

It was glorious. We went back there several times over the next few month since we were working in the area, living in hotels for that time frame.

If one part of the beef will take on smoke and be nice... pretty much every other part will as well. But if it is just your preference to not want smoke on those parts and taste them soley for what they are... then I will shut up. Two different things all together.
Whenever I cook rib roasts, it's for special occasions with guests, and I make it a habit not to experiment with food I'm serving guests. I know they will enjoy my no-smoke-wood roast. Maybe one of these days I'll try "smoking" one just my family. You're never too old to learn.
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