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The light at the end of the tunnel. I can see it!

Construction basically wrapped up today. Just two small things left. We just need to hard wire the smoker (so that no idiot kids come by in the middle of the night and think it would be funny to unplug it), and get the roof curb so that we can mount the exhaust fan for the smoker.

Today the pit got hooked up to the gas, but that was an unexpected setback. Since the existing gas line was really close to where we put the pit I figured it would be easy peasy. Wrong. Four hours of work and about $600 later is what it took. Ouch.

And one more big setback today. I was under the impression from the sellers that the propane that was left in the tank was included in the sale. Never got it in writing in the sales contract though, and the propane company came out to hook up the tank and informed me that they bought back the 700 or so gallons left in the tank from the sellers, so I'm going to be billed for it. Ouch. Lesson learned.

Otherwise, my wife took the rest of this week and next week off so starting tomorrow it's going to be some aggressive cleaning, priming, and painting. Hopefully the dining room will be 100% finished by Friday.

And on Saturday, I'm actually having the some of the "public" come whether we're done or not. We are part of a county-wide road rally scavenger hunt thing for Halloween so teams of people will be stumbling upon the restaurant as part of their list of destinations. So, they will be required to eat a pulled pork slider before they can get their next clue. Even if the pit isn't ready at the restaurant, I'll just smoke up some butts on a portable smoker in the parking lot or something, but either way, I'm serving food on Saturday, dammit!

Then hopefully next week I can get the health inspector in and all the other inspections done, get the Coke guy in for the fountain machine, start interviewing potential employees, etc. We'll see.

Fingers crossed we're in the home stretch. This has been an incredibly trying process.

And for those who didn't see it on facebook, the completed roof/porch type structure:

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