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Default All Because of a tree!

Had this sweet gum dropped, because it was hollow, as you can see in the pic.

I cut all the branches off thinking I was going to chip them in my little
chipper, but it was easier to burn them, so i did, two days later, done.
I checked the temp in the middle of the burn pile the following day.

So, I couldn't resist, texas style ribs.

Once rubbed down and put in the dutch oven with pears layered on the bottom, pear juice and apple juice

I opened up the pile in the middle about a foot deep, In they went, covered them back up and left them for two hours. When they came out, I was surprised, they were great and the tenderest i've ever eaten.

I don't like cutting live trees, but that one was leaning at the house and dropping those miserable sweet gum balls, it had to go.
I'm going to cut the shank and use it for landscape, more pics to follow.

Sure got a good meal out of the branches.
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