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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by southpaw_1979 View Post
I have a garbage can dedicated to turkey, I use chicken wire around it though, not foil to hold in my coals. Takes a lot less than 4 hrs, my last bird 15lbs was well done in 2hrs.

Another trick I use is a put my rebar through a bundt cake pan, This does two things, one if the turkey falls, and it does sometimes when it gets well done, it fall on a pan, second I catch all the juices and make gravy.
I do not pre-light my coals, so that probably adds a good bit to my time and I have a habilt of not thawing my bird out as much as I should. I also like to throw two birds on the re-bar. Great idea with the chicken wire, BTW! Need to try that.
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