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Default Watch The World Series Or Go Check Out A Used Kettle?

So I am on the net about a hour before the ball game and happen to check Kijiji for all Weber ads and see a 4 hour old ad for a 22.5 Kettle that the fella says is a One Touch Silver....going for $50. I respond via e-mail and sit down for the ball game. Between innings I check for responses and by the third inning I am in touch with the guy and he says, "gonna be out of town the next couple of alot of responses to this ad and.....I may cancel the ad and increase the price.....but it has some rust on the grates and the paint on the inside is peeling". I ask him where he is....which ends up being about 10 minutes away. So I make the quick decision and record the ball game and head out.

My new baby....cooker number 9:

The cooking grate had never been cleaned so the buildup was what looked like rust....cleaned up with a pad and some elbow grease for 10 minutes:

The interior of the lid is not peeling at all but is smoke stained....and lightly at that:

And being put to bed with a couple of her new stable-mates:

Kinda want to tuck her in I do. There is some rust on the bottom rack that goes between the wheels and the third leg that I will be dealing with but the paint peeling and rust on the cooking grate that the previous owner thought existed is not there. He said he got it as a gift from his buddies 4 years ago and used seldomly chosing instead to use a gasser. I did not correct the fella on the rust or paint peeling...just offered him $40. He took it. This is a One Touch Gold though is it not? I have 7 cookers that are not Kettles and if I had to pick just 1 it would be a Kettle. I get my best results with high predictablility and low maintenance. I love the Kettle and now I have a blue one too. Food tastes best off of a piece of equipment you got a deal on and I do believe I got a deal.

I will watch the ball game tommorrow night after work as I gotta go to bed soon now....I do love baseball but I also love bbq and the thing that is the Weber Kettle....and the Yankees were not I can live with myself and my new cooker.

No spoilers on the outcome of the game please....thanks.
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