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Default Baked Mussel Pie

I love Pizza! So in the spirit of Pizza Month, I’m going to enter a few of my more interesting pizzas. The first one was supposed to be my “Clambake Pizza”. Olive Oil, Parmesan, Romano, Spinach, Clams, and Bacon. But when I got to the seafood counter they only had about a dozen clams left and I needed to make two pizzas. Not to worry, they had plenty of mussels. So I decided to also make a “Baked Mussel Pie”.

I figured we could do a side by side taste test. Funny thing was that 3 of my friends had Mussel Pizza, but wouldn’t eat the Clam Bake Pizza because they don’t like clams. I don’t get it. So with my group the Baked Mussel Pie was the favorite because of the abstention of 2-3 people.
But then I’ll needed to decide if I should enter them separately or together. I guess I’ll enter them separately and see which one gets more votes.

So here goes the “Baked Mussel Pie”
First a swirl of Olive Oil, then the Parmesan and Romano cheeses. A sprinkle of garlic, then a few spinach leaves and then the mussels.

Then the Bacon!

Here’s my entry photo: “Baked Mussel Pie”, hot out of the oven!
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