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Found some matches.
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Default Newb out!

New to the smoking this site! Still sooo much to read and learn! Well so currently have a Wally world Brinkman box style smoker....and successfully smoked/cooked my first 2 racks of ribs! Just threw together a basic rub and cooked it and it looked like it turned out well and tasted delicious! So onto the next question....just picked up 2 food grade I just burned for 2 days on and off to get the liner burned out? Got some 3m scotchpads to clean it out once I empty the my next q is...I've been reading but there's sooo much to read out there.....
Ash entry/exit? yes or no? I"m going towards no thinking less about of holes in the UDS to control it is it seems always windy where I live....
Standard measurement directions? What's your suggestions?
I'm looking at 2 racks and a charcoal basket with ash catcher as well...also came with no tops on the barrels...but my Weber cover fits PERFECTLY!! I have sooo many more Qs...but I'll start there!! Thanks for opening the door to a newb smoker!!! WOOT WOOT!!!
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