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Default Got my Lonstargrillz insulated smoker home!

As some may already know, I drove down to Conroe, TX this past week/weekend to pick up my Lonsestargrillz insulated vertical smoker. It was a long trip but worth every mile with my teenage son. It seems the older they get the less time I get to spend with them. Some of you already know what I mean. I got to Conroe late Thursday afternoon. Exhausted to say the least. Got to Lonstargrillz Friday morning. As some have mentioned, it is a shop behind the owners home. I pulled in and was immediately met by Chris the owner. He introduced himself and took me to a loading dock where my smoker was waiting on me. My first impression....HUGE! About 800# worth! This thing was a beast! I guess I never realized how large it was from the pictures. Chris gave me the grand tour of the smoker as well as his shop and all the projects that were going on. He even took me to his back yard deck and showed me his vertical smoker in his outdoor kitchen. We talked BBQ for at least an hour. He is a super nice guy and is doing it the right way. His product line is top notch. He uses heavy steel and the craftsmanship is superb. If you are considering a vertical insulated smoker you have lots of choices. But it would be in your best interest to consider Lonestargrillz. Ive only seasoned mine so far and cooked a little bacon to check for eveness of heat per rack. It did a great job. cooked even from front to back and shelf to shelf. The cooker held heat for over 8 hours just from seasoning on maybe 2lbs. of lump. I took a few pictures while I was at his shop but for some reason I cant get them to load to my computer. Ill work on that. I cant express enough how impresssed I was with the build quality, heavy gauge steel and massiveness of this unit. It took 6 of us to unload it! The cooker is definitely commercial quality and I expect a long life and some great Q. I'll keep you guys posted and try to get those pictures to load. Im gonna try some butts this coming weekend so I'll post a report on that cook as well.
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