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Originally Posted by cds9333 View Post

The hot dog push cart was not illegal at first, but the local restaurants in Aggieville and/or downtown (where he sold) said it was taking business away from them. Says a lot about a business IMO if a hot dog cart can make such a large difference.
Yes it does. Protectionism never works. It stifles business and leads to limited services/options for customers. I am sad to hear that the business community there chooses to take this approach. A free market has a tough time existing when monopolies are created by governments.

Okay, I am stepping down off the soap box now.

We have some friends that ran into this type of situation where they live in Colorado. The city enacted a similar ordinance. But the County has nothing against food trucks. So they set up 100 feet outside the city limits on leased private property. Problem solved. And the city has been losing out on city sales tax revenue ever since. And they do a banner business.

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