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Originally Posted by Teamfour View Post
While I realize the probes are not interchangeable with other mfrs, it is highly unlikely that Maverick developed a proprietary thermocouple for their products. They are most likely using one of the standards as defined in the chart referenced above.
Maverick probes use Thermistor (semiconductor) not Thermocouple (bi-metal) - entirely different construction and operation.

Youll quickly realize that thermistors are not at all linear, so you cant easily interpolate missing values. But there is an equation you can use called the Steinhart-Hart Equation to calculate the unique curve of a thermistor. To use the Stenhart-Hart equation (S/H for now on) you take your temp/resistance readings and do some math to generate four coefficients which are then used in a different equation to convert resistance values into to temp values.

wikipedia Steinhart-Hart equation

For More Information Contact:
Maverick Industries
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