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Here we go:

Friday Night

Last night

Let's start with the pork belly:

Ribs are attached to the underside. These must go.

Snip Snip here, Snip Snip there. La La La La La....

This is Pitmaster X's Method:

Score the bottom

Apply the rub

Puncture the skin

Apply the cure

Nighty night

The belly pieces get a marinade in a soy ginger garlic sauce....


Rub with Badonkadonk Rub and score fat

Wrap and put it to bed....


Fire up the UDS. Going with KBB, 275 and....Peach wood I picked up from the woodshed. I was going to use red oak, but I had never used peach before.

How did these get here?

Trim them up, rack get my Badonkadonk rub, pieces get Weber Kickin' Chicken

Not sure about these beef ribs. Probably the last time I'm buying them unless I do the cutting.

Rubbed them with Montreal Steak Seasoning

Is everybody ready?

All in!

2 hours out, pull the pieces and foil the rack

Pieces needed a litte more time....


Belly pieces that were in the soy got the grill:

3 hours out, spares are ready, looks like I have beef jerky ribs...slapping a coat of paint on them.


Beef ribs not too bad....

Now while they were cooking, the belly went on the grill!

I hour later....

Crisped the skin....slicing....holy guacamole!

Shoulder's out!

Into the cooler....


Mrs SJ's cookies......they go so well with a glass of Fat Milk.....

The shoulder is still in the cooler....
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