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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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7 hours down - the wind has really picked up and slamming directly at the kettle.. Might have to watch this to the 11-12 hour cook time

So, after 3 hours of sitting anywhere around 205* to 220* I've finally got some more efficient fuel on with some good lookin briqs. Because its been running too cool I'll try push it to 250*-270* for the rest of the cook. The butt is still lookin juicy and the bark is really starting to sing.

As for my burnt offering.... it worked really well. Maybe a little too well as one tiny piece was black as tar and oozy like lava, and with it.... a horrible stink of carbon charburnt! It was one of those things, 2 minutes earlier and i would have removed it. I tasted a bit of the bark on the butt and some pieces might have been tained with the char rather than porky goodness... in saying that I nibbled on another corner and it it tasting great! I hope it doesn't completely taint my bark!
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