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Originally Posted by RangerJ View Post
Of course there is another layer of bureaucrats to escape as well, the HOA, if you have one. They typically don't like 20 ft trailers or trucks parked in the 'hood for extended periods of time.

also, you might have zoning regulations against creating a kitchen in your house. All things that have to be considered. I can have my trailer at my house for the weekend, but long term, it's frowned upon. Which means I'm paying for storage and smoking lots of meat at the storage lot.

Lots of good advice here and just know its going to cost money, everyone has to get their share and at the end of the day, the majority of it helps keep people from getting sick. I'll give an example of what I'm dealing with currently.

I live in Ft. Bend county just out side of Houston. Here is the trailer with pits mounted.

The back is being screened in as we speak. You see that circle, just to the lower left of the facebook logo? That's my atmospheric vent.

It's above the waste water tank as it should be. This passes all the inspections around here , except.. the city of Houston. What does this mean? Means I can't vend festivals within the city, or ever park on rented land, lets say within the city, or daily go to the two new food parks which are within city limits. there are 4M people within the city limits.....

So, I'm taking bids to have it moved. I don't have to, and I could go park for a day or two within the city at various locales I've already contacted, however, in today's social media age, if I was to ever get shut down, it would kill the current momentum I've created.

Not an expense I had budgeted for and, had I paid more attention to the requirements one I could have fixed before I paid for the expensive wrap. But like the others have said, I believe the survivors are the ones who do it right and can survive the short term pains. I'm trying to do it right, but the short term is very painful...

Now, I'm all in at this Texas Hold 'Em table so its what I have to do. What I can tell you also is people, want good Barbeque, period. So if your product is good and you want to pursue this, know its going to cost some cash and follow what needs to be done.

Good luck!
Haha, Fort Bend County. That's my county too. I'll keep my peepers peeled for your trailer.
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