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Default Chicken Thread! Perfecting Backyard Chicken!

We all love chicken so I thought it would be fun to post your chicken cooks and let everyone know what you'r doing to make great chicken.

Now, Im not trying to get the competition guys to give out their secrets, just trying to perfect the everyday backyard cook for that weeknight BBQ Guy that loves to cook chicken for His Family or football party, etc.

Now, I have been cooking my chicken reverse sear on the weber kettle and it comes out good, BUT, my wife keeps complaining about the rubbery skin.

So, It has been my quest since I went to the BBQ Brethren Bash in So Cal and saw what Moose was doing to His chicken. "Open Pit Santa Maria Style Chicken". Now, I have cooked this way before but have never got the distance from the chicken and the fire before the last couple of weeks.

Heres the cook I did last night.

I went back to my fire pit. This is what I used when I first started using charcoal but I would put a weber grill in it and a weber lid on top giving me the same result in chicken, "rubbery skin". As you can see I have a grate on top now to give myself more distance between the fire and the chicken and I have dumped the lid to give it that open pit style cook.

I used one chimney of KB Blue and a couple fist sized chunks of oak.
I rubbed the chicken down with Big Mista's Chicken Scratch and put it over the fire, cooking it to 165 temp, (checking with my thermapen). So far this has worked out well. Im getting much better results in the flavor of the chicken and crispier skin. I think I will add just a bit more fuel to the fire next time.

Please show off your chicken ideas here!

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