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so some thoughts!
Its my first smoke and I am doing a ham...its gonna be a long night!

Had to change the thermometer the homedepot guy gave me two from parts as there is nothing on the selves up here summer is over... I have one hanging from the chiminey and I replace the original. The hanging one and one I have as a test are good the one on the door shows 80 degree deference...I think because it is on the door and was not really made for it although no smoke escapes, any thoughts.

Also I notice that teh temp is constant at 250, is this supposed to be the result of mods? :) is so very happy, although its hard to bring it up...I did baffle, fire bricks, and raised the grate in the fire box.
I seem to have to add new coals every hour but its very constant...

how much coal do you go though a cook? I use lump.
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