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Originally Posted by Mo-Dave View Post
I was going to suggest lining at least 3 sides and the bottom with fire brick, but I can't see the inside,so not sure that would work. I think I would either go with some kind of wind break, or the hot water blanket. Cut each section to fit just the top, and them use metal silver tape like used on duck work to close up the seams. The brick if used can be cut with a grinder very easy if you need to fit it around things, then place some foil on the bottom for easy clean up. After saying all that I would probably just use it the way it is and toss a cheap-o welding blanket over it if need be for the wind and rain.
The bottom has 2 charcoal baskets that can be raised/lowered. I can also put a metal panel in between the two baskets to separate it out for indirect heat.
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