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Originally Posted by squeel View Post
I am using a product called Reflectix around my electric Brinkman. Reflectix is rated to 180 so you do not want it to be in contact with your grill. I used the handles on the Brinkman and bricks at the base to keep the material away. If your grill is larger then you could build a cpvc/metal "x" frame with 90 degree angles on the 4 ends. Then come up to a height of your grill and wrap the Reflectix around the vertical posts on the "x" frame sitting under your grill. The CPVC setup would keep the material away from your grill's surface and provide a "windbreak". You could then fashion a Reflectix cover. Of course If your grill is the size of a 1/4 acre lot then this would not be feasible. You can see my set up here:
Actually, this is what I ended up finding today as well. My local Lowe's didn't have the denim insulation, only the fiberglass stuff. So, thinking that I can make the reflectix work, I bought some velcro as well. My plan was to make "panels" for each side of the lid and velcro them together so I can pull it apart if need be (and in a hurry at that if that stuff somehow caught fire). The stuff is Class A /Class 1 fire rated so I thought it should be OK wrapping at least the lid directly touching the lid...
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