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Originally Posted by SmokerKing View Post
I bought two last December for my nephew for a weekend UDS build. Dropped one on the garage floor and the plastic housing broke, fell apart. had to wrap it in electrical tape to hobble our way through the build.

The only cutting blade I had disintegrate on me in 30 years of steel fabricating was an HF thin cutting blade. These are very thin blades and if you get one just a little off center, or try to cut a radius, it'll blow apart on you.

I've owned and used Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee and Metabo 4", 4/12' and 5"grinders for years at work and home. Never had one fail me, break, crack, etc. Dropped them many times from heights, etc.

The 4 1/2" angle head grinder is probably the most versatile tool I use. Grind, cut, sand, polish, wire brush, cut stone, etc. Don't skimp, spend another $60.00 and have a keeper.
I have dropped mine many times. I bought it to cut the rocker panels off an old van and has been one of my favorite tools ever since

guess I am lucky, I do have an old all metal Black and Decker 8" but that sucker is heavy

I am not comparing it an $80 tool. For some light duty use like this UDS it will work just fine
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