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Default First Lamb Shoulder Questions

Went to a Middle Eastern wedding a couple weeks ago and tried lamb shoulder for the first I am thinking of smoking one and have a couple questions.

Firstly - I have found a Halal meat shop that carries dry aged lamb. The shoulder I was shown had the classic dry aged look to much so that I wonder if smoking it in the 250f range will lead to a dry product....even if I use a water pan. Anyone ever smoke a dry aged lamb shoulder?

Second question is what internal temperature do I pull it at? I have read that anything in the 145f to 155f is about right....will the meat pull at this stage or do I go higher? Pork shoulder and beef brisket go to 190f-210f before they pull with ease....if I do pull the lamb at 150f or so why would it pull at so low a temp?

Third question is what chamber temp should I hold for the cook? I know there can be some flexability in regards to chamber temps for other meats but must I hold to a certain range for lamb?

Thanks for any advice here guys. I have some white oak that is throwing great flavour right now so I was gonna go with that....also have hickory and cherry on hand.
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