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Default My first UDS build (w/ pics)

Greetings Brethren!

I'm new to the site and happened to stumble across it when doing research on this UDS I recently herd of. I've always been a huge fan of BBQ but have never taken a shot at it on my own. When I found out about this midevil cooking device, I was hooked on making one of my own and give'n it a whirl. With about a week of research and compiling ideas, I set about to gather all the bits and pieces needed to build my contraption. I did not do allot of pricing around and pretty much just bought everything when I found it wherever that might have been. I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like and borrowed ideas from many other peoples builds(Thanks to everyone) ! So with no further , here are a few pics of the making of my very first UDS build.

The drum I found was $35 w/ lid & ring. It was a "food grade" container that formerly held Pinapple concentrate. First I measured out all my holes and cut them out. Then I built a good fire with some scrap 2x4's I had laying around and torched it good. The next morning I proceeded to clean it up with some degreaser(purple power), water, and a scotch brite pad. I found out that this is the most labor intensive part of the build.... After cleaning and drying the drum, I proceeded to put my two tone paint onto the exterior after giving the inside a lite coat of canola oil to keep it from rusting up on me. After applying the paint and waiting between coats for it to dry.... .... I began to assemble all me pipes and joints. (I said "pipes" and "joints" ). The next day was time to get everything hooked up for a good seasoning. I havn't made my basket yet (got the expanded metal today) so I used the basket from my turkey fryer for the break-in. After wiping the inside clean of the previous oil slick, I reapplied a liberal coating and fired off 10lbs of lump carcoal with some hickory chips for good measure! I put flame to coals at 6pm and the UDS climbed to 300 for about 1hr. I chocked off all the O2 for about 5 minutes and the temp slowly dropped down to 230 when I bagan to crack open some valves to revive things a bit. The drum krept back up to about 250 where it stayed for another 3hrs. I played with the valves a bit and was able to get it to stabalize at 230deg where it stayed until I crashed out at 4am the next morning. So in closing, I know the UDS will hold a temp (a little higher than I was hoping) for at least 10 hrs. I hope to put some dead animal products on it this weekend once I get the basket finished. I will use briquets this next time as I understand they burn a little cooler than the lump. It's my hope that with meat on the grill and cooler burning briquets, I can get it to run in the 215-225deg range. The last picture is taken with a nice bronze smoke patina on the guts of the UDS.... I can't wait to see how she cooks this weekend.


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