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Default Insulating a grill/smoker

So, since it's getting cold out, I started thinking about how I'm going to do any smoking during the winter. I've gotten caught with my pants down, per say, when I was trying to smoke something and it started raining, killing my temp. So I can imagine the winter cold won't be much better.
I've read a little about using a welding blanket to wrap or cut and tape together with high temp adhesive tape to make a tight cover. I've also read about using this high temp adhesive tape to put on the inside of the grill? I'm not sure how all of this will work with the setup I have. It's a master forge grill/smoker so the charcoal sits under the grates. Can I wrap the area that would I guess be considered the "firebox?" this would allow me to wrap the whole grill that would need the heat held in and not just the lid of the grill.
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