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Default First Brisket

Did my first brisket this past weekend. About a 6.5 lb flat. Rubbed down the night before then onto the UDS at 8:30 am. Ran at about 280-300 deg. When the internal temp was 175 deg, I foiled it and let go until the temp was 210 deg (probe tender). Then, off to rest for 2 hours.

Overall, I'd give it an 8. Just a bit dry on the very bottom. But, tender, juicy and great flavor. Better than many BBQ briskets I've paid for. I cooked it fat side up. Maybe I need to flip it over part way through?

Also did another pork shoulder as well for pulled pork. Cooked close to 9 hours before the bone would pull out.

To accompany the brisket and shoulder my wife made some artery clogging 4 cheese mac & cheese. We wrapped it up with homemade apple crisp. And many cold beers to wash it down. Ahhh... BBQ coma. My in-laws were impressed.

Didn't have as many leftovers as I had hoped. Bummer. No BBQ sammies for lunch at work.

My daughter wants me to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving. We'll have to see how the weather ends up.
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