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Originally Posted by flyweed View Post
is the jumbo smokey the same as the smokey joe? I just picked up a smokey joe for $5.00 at a garage sale. I want to convert it to a "mini wsm" you have a "how to" thread about how you built your mini? what pot you used, etc etc?

No Dan the Jumbo Joe is a 18.5" table top and the Smokey Joe is 14.5". The Smokey Joe Gold or Smokey Joe Silver takes 32 quart tamale pot. I used a Vasconia but the price on those have increased to about 40 bucks but that's still a good price imo. There are other brands that will fit it's just for me the Vasconia was a great fit so i went with it and didn't want to hassle trying others.

I never did a thread of mine on here but there are a ton of them here and elsewhere.
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