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Default Inadvertent craigslist find...happy,happy,happy !!

So here is the story...

I go to buy a used fridge on local craigslist for my shop and the guy has it in his basement so I pass after working to get it out. He calls the next day and he says its outside if I still want it. I told him I would give him 80 instead of the 100 he wanted because I have to make a second trip. He said fine....I get there and he has it next to a Holland grill on his patio. Being the outdoor cook I am I ask how he likes it and he said he doesn't use it much and would sell it for $20 if I wanted it. It even had a half full tank of propane so how could I pass. Its the Heritage Plus model and it is in very good shape. Just missing the knobs on the front that will cost about 6 bucks each. It does have the stainless side burner as well. I'm never one of those lucky guys but my time came around today. If I don't like it I think I can get my money back...haha !!

This is about $650 on up new and that's without a propane tank or the stainless side burner. It doesn't look like its been used more than a dozen times. I sprayed it down with water to wash the dust off and fired it up to see how she works and it was in perfect working order. Yee Haw !!!!!

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