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Ok I injected brine today all around the bone and the meat.
I am sure it will be fine, what is funny is that my polish sausage maker, who makes some of the best smoked meat, turkeys and hams, and the best, I mean the best kielbasa! Told me brine for a few days and it will be fine no injection not necessary... I found that weird but i do trust him... either way if it is not exactly perfect I am ok with that, this is a first time experiment. I am sure the smoke will make it tasty; if it is a hybrid pulled pork/ham it will still be eaten...
I would say that i trimmed maybe a kilo and a half off the leg when prepping it so about 18-17 pounds of meat and bone are left...
I thank you for all your help and suggestions keep them coming...
What about the rinse, do you think a fresh water bath and rinse for a few hours before the smoke is a good idea?
I am looking at smoking this at 225-240 for 10 hours...
Thanks everyone!
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