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Default Stainless Freezer turned to Smoker??

Hello everyone. I am looking for some quality advice. I will start out by saying, i am an old school venison sausage / fish, barrel smoker. My smoker is an old 200 gallon, uninsulated, well ventilated oil barrel. I am looking to upgrade and build a new smoker. I am looking to buy a non working Stainless steel freezer. It is a True T-23F series. I will be using an internal propane burner. My main question is after i gut the electronics, lines and compressor, Would it be chemically safe to use this as a smoker without removing the "foamed in CFC free polyurethane foam" from the painted aluminum walls? I am looking for opinions as i dont want to do this if there would be any chance of creating toxic fumes with the heat inside.
Attached is some info about the freezer. Thanks for you expertise.

T-Series Reach-In Freezers

300 series stainless steel exterior with white aluminum interior to
match cabinet liner. Doors extend full width of cabinet shell. Door
gaskets of one piece construction.
Lifetime guaranteed adjustable torsion type closure system with
aluminum block supports. The face of each door fitted with a 12"
long recessed handle with sheetmetal interlock. Handles are foamedin-
place to insure permanent attachment.
Entire cabinet structure and doors insulated using foamed-in-place
CFC free polyurethane foam.
Adjustable vinyl coated wire shelves (3 per section). Shelves capable
of supporting up to 250 lbs.
Full height shelf support pilasters, with double oblong holes on 1/2"
centers. Pilasters made of the same material as cabinet interior. Four
(4) chrome plated, stainless steel shelf clips to be included for each
Incandescent interior lighting. Light(s) activated by rocker switch
mounted above door(s).

300 series stainless steel front grill, shroud and doors. Anodized
quality aluminum exterior ends and back.
NSF approved, white vinyl coated aluminum and 300 series stainless
floor with coved corners.
Barrel lock standard for each door (excluding T-12F). Dial exterior
mounted temperature monitor.
Cabinet mounted on a welded, galvanized frame rail, painted for
additional corrosion protection. Frame rail fitted with 4" diameter
castors, front castors include brakes (castors not available for the
T-12F; 2 1/2 castors standard for T-19F & -FZ).
Rear wall airflow guard prevents frozen product from blocking
optimal airflow.

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