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Found some matches.
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Talking Abe's smoker

Wow I haven't been on here for a while! I miss it.
I just wanted to respond since Kevin from Abe's just finished my "Entertainer".
I was interested in these as I once owned a Backwoods Competitor. I got out of the biz so I sold it.
Well I took delivery on Saturday and finally got to it on Sunday evening. I put a chimney of kingsford in and waited for the smoke. It came pretty quick! I opened up the dampers and cooked w no water to season it. I sprayed it w oil and got it up to 350. I shut down the dampers and it held at 350 for hours!
My assessment of Abe's Smoker- THE REAL DEAL!
I've owned 6 smokers (FEC100, backwoods, new braunfels, smoke hollow and 2 customs) and I have to say this is my favorite by far! No BS!!
It is a cabinet reverse flow that is shorter and stockier than the backwoods thus less top heavy. The finish is a rough black w the stainless steel doors.
The thermo is shatter proof and is filled w silicone.

This thing is built like a tank! Heavy duty construction- it weighs over 400lbs!
They use ceramic wool for the insulation and it REALLY WORKS!
Please pm me if you have questions.
I can honestly say you won't find a better smoker of this kind- ESPECIALLY for the $!!!
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