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Oh boy I think I have I skinned the leg and put it in a brine with a few coriander seeds, all spice seeds, and a few juniper for the i have problems part...I rendered all teh fat i could to make lard for fried chicken and then i processed all the skin and made pork rinds with it soooo good sooooo dirty.... I really used everything form teh leg i could I will make a pea soup with the bone...vegans should be proud of me using everything, hahahahaha.

Ok so I am going to smoke the leg using a mix of cherry and apple which i think will give it a nice taste i might use sugar maple only i have not decided yet...any thoughts...
still looking for a mop/glaze...any suggestions...maybe a apple juice/honey/vinegar concoction, or maple syrup/Dijon/apple juice, or apricot preserve and apple juice...
I did not inject the leg as it is sitting in brine for 8 days, I do not want to pull it out of the brine your thoughts...
also I am seeing reading that I should remove teh leg 24 hours before I smoke rnise it in fresh water and let it dry...your thoughts...maybe i wil inject it with some brine and then let it sit for 24 hours to dry...
any help will be welcome...
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