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Default Grillin in the wind

I just upgraded my kenmore 4burner propane grill with a searing burner, and I replaced all of the burners, heat diffusers, and a heat deflector?... A thin metal plate that goes on the inside front of the grill above the burners. Anyways, I was anxious to fire it up. A few days ago, I made a great ribeye! Tonight I tried filet mignon. I seared it for a while on each side then transferred them to the regular burners. It was windy outside and I could hear the flames blowing around in the grill. I maneuvered the grill in many directions but neither worked. The temp in my grill wouldn't reach 300*. The grill design has a large gap in the back of the lid which I have never been a fan of. My grill has never reached over 400* I could never get anything I grilled to cook fast enough, especially when its windy. That's why I added the searing burner. I didn't want to use the searing burner for the entire cook. I also had peppers and squash next to the steaks and they did not heat well enough. So my issue is how would you prevent the wind from blowing heat away from the grill? Should I block the gaps somehow permenantly? Get crafty and build a wall to block the wind on my deck? Help me please.
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