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Originally Posted by Hawg Father of Seoul View Post
Yeah, I think everyone that didn't win should bitch until no company invests big bucks in Bbq. Pull up your big girl panties and stop polluting this thread.

This thread is about the winners. Good job guys!

I wasn't bitching. Just stating some facts and opinions of the Sam's-backed contests versus other contests put on by other (less-funded) organizers.

The Sam's Club local contest in Marietta, GA has never filled the 30-team max roster in any of it's 3 contests. It's a $10,000 contest in an area where there's about 10 BBQ teams that reside in the county that the contest is in. That's 1/3 of the field, yet many of those 10 or so teams chose to compete in another contest in the Atlanta Metro area that weekend.

Should WM move the Marietta, GA Contest to another store? Possibly. I don't care.

And yes, a big congrats to Jim and Jan Burg for bringing home that $50k+ in prize money to Georgia.
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