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Originally Posted by ebijack View Post
How big was your diffuser, when using a large drip pan I will have 450 degrees below the diffuser to get 275 to 300 near the top. That's a pretty hefty burn going and will eat up your basket of coals quicker.
I hear you. I recently swtiched to one of these:

I think it works well. I actually preheated it in the oven (since it was hot from some brownies) this time. That seemed to make it easier to get up to temp quicker and level out better.

Originally Posted by Novass View Post
I noticed when I use my difuser I get about 4-5 hour less burn time on my uds.
Oh definitely. The diffuser requires more fuel. No arguments there. I just swear I've cooked longer than this before. Just frustration, because I swear something is different. I know for a fact that I once went 17 hours - but it was warmer weather and Kingsford and probable some other differences. I'm having difficulty accepting the 50* -> ~35* and RO briquettes was responsible. I want to blame myself for doing something else wrong, just can't figure out what.

Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
If your running a diffuser it will significantly shorten your burn time.

Is your basket skinny and tall or fat and short? Also makes a diff.
Standard 13" diameter. The basket is ~14" tall, because that is how they cut the steel mesh when I bought it, but I probably only filled it 10" tall. I think a wider shorter basket might work better due to less ash buildup, but haven't ever tested it. Can you share what differences you think it makes?

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