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Default My Butt Milked Chicken (Pron)

Yes, I stole the headline from Phu.

I tried my hand at butt milked chicken yesterday. Wings were more expensive than breasts this weekend, so I cut up a whole chicken:

The ingredients: Flour, seasoned flour, and my "Badonkadonk Rub" (It's a pork butt rub with a little something extra, so that makes it a pork Badonkadonk rub).

Rubbed with the Badonkadonk, rubbed with flour. Dipped in Buttermilk (I'm still scratching my head at how you can make reduced fat buttermilk, when two of the key ingredients contain fat.

No pics, because it was too darned messy.

Mix of RO lump and KBB and a chunk of mesquite, offset heat (will use the UDS next time, but "Old Leaky" did such a good job with the roadside chicken last week, I took a chance).

About an hour or so later:

Quarters about ready to come off

Breasts are almost done:

Pics of the wings? Yeah...uh..what had happened was....SQUIRREL!

The crust was thick, but chewy. I'm thinking it was either the amount of brown sugar in the rub (it's meant for pork butts), or the lack of high heat (the major problem with "Old Leaky"). The upside is Mrs. SJ hates chicken skin, so when she peeled it off, the chicken was moist and flavorful (helps to rub under the skin before rubbing and dunking and coating).

Between this outing and the Roadside Chicken last week, she has proclaimed that chicken is my b*tch. *I* think I have a ways to go, but
I'll take the compliment from my biggest fan.
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