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Default Ran out of fuel in middle of cook! Grrrr....

This is mostly a thread so someone can convince me that it is just a me problem so that I stop lusting after my buddy's Pitmaker Vault and continue to be happy with my UDS. ...

I've been getting my mojo back with my UDS. I've done an empty test burn, couple of chickens, and some babyback ribs. I've been getting it to consistently settle in between 250* and 270* at the center. I've been happy.

This weekend I picked up a couple 14# briskets on sale. I filled up my basket with the full 18# bag of Royal Oak briquettes. At the time, I thought this was overkill, but I wanted to be safe with the cooler temps expected. I lit the smoke at 7:00 pm and was locking it in around 7:45. The temps held a steady 260* until I put the meat on at 8:30 pm. Ignoring the Maverick probe at the middle, because it is too close to the meat, and looking at the thermo on the side, temps dropped only a little and were holding steady. When I went to bed around 11:00, the temp was back up within a few degrees.

I was expecting a 12 hour cook with the meat done ~8:30 am. Unfortunately at 5:40 am, the Maverick alarm went off because the pit dropped 20*. I went outside and opened a vent and the lid for a bit to try and raise the temps... nothing. I tried to throw a fan on it to raise the temp, not much go. I fought with that dang smoker for an hour and a half before I gave up. Briskets went into foil and an oven.

After the brisket was in the oven, I pulled the diffuser and took a look at my fire. Almost all ash and little coals. I was out of fuel! I couldn't believe it. I swear I've gone longer than this in the past....

Grrrr... I know Kingsford will give me longer burns. I just think that the Royal Oak briquettes (not lump) smell better and are much cheaper this time of year when Kingsford is not on sale. The outside temp did drop down to ~35* last night, but Really?? I guess I put my welding blanket back on or switch back to Kingsford or buy one of those sexy insulated vertical smokers. Just sort of annoyed, because I think I'm mis-remembering the good 'ole days when everything went perfect.

But, the good news is the briskets came out wonderful and very tasty. Possibly some of my best...

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