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Originally Posted by marubozo View Post
Speaking of advertising, we did a little odd advertising today even though we're not open yet. There was a local pumpkin race, so obviously, my daughter and I made a pig pumpkin and slapped the logo on it and the family wore the shirts. We actually ended up winning for the cutest pumpkin and had a lot of people and even the newspaper asking about the restaurant, so it was worth it. Still bummed that my engineering skills didn't pan out and we didn't win the race though.

She is a happy little girl!!! I can see she is well taken care of.

I was in biz since 1986. all I can say is advertise advertise advertise, in that
order, LOL, it doesn't have to be expensive advertising either, what you done was a very good form.
One of my better forms, was to leave one biz card hooked with a little piece
of fun tac "you can buy it at walmart" stuck it anywhere it could be seen and not get in trouble. That little card brought in a lot of biz.

It might have been a little more expensive, but I aways made my own cards. That way I could tweak them how and when ever I wanted and didn't have to go through 250 or 500 pre made cards, not liking what was on them and I was always changing things up, so it worked out good for me.

I also would buy banners for church functions, little league ball diamonds
And things like that, people see that stuff and will react to it.
Like I sad in another post, I, being new to this area, have to read all the signs.

Hope this helps, it sure did for me!
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