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I have one 16.7# packer brisket and six 9# average sized bone in butts cooking as I speak.
Brisket and 2 butts headed to my buddies surprise Anniversary party. The other butts will be going to my buddy's widow, my son and his family. The last one is going to the folks who repaired my wifes car last week.
Well I got about an hours sleep last nite.
The huge brisket flat and point was separated at 9:am today. Tiny tad bit overcooked. We made burnt ends from the point for my friends mom and dads 60th wedding anniversary.I did not glaze them but we did season them again. The burnt ends and 2 non seasoned butts were gone by noon thirty to a party about 30 miles north of me.
One of the seasoned butts went to my mechanics and they were thrilled.
Another butt went to my new neighbors across the road.

My deceased friends widow Patti got one. She and her family were writing up Ricks life story for the paper and his upcoming service.

The last one went to my buddy who is having major league spinal surgery.

Talked to my buddy who's parents had their anniversary this evening.
The brisket was consumed in record time. The 2 plain....non seasoned butts were also consumed almost. Couple of care packages were sent home with relatives.

I guess we did fine. Sorry but due to the rain we did snag any photos as we were under time constraints.

P.S. Wifey had a bowl of cheerios and I had a peanut butter sammie for supper!

Cool thing was I was able to search on this forum for a couple of tips. It all seemed to turn out fine.
Thank you Bbq-Brethren forum for helping me out.

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